Small Business Accountants and Tax Advisers in Nigeria

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, small businesses have been recognized as the cornerstone of the Nigerian economy. This is due to the fact that this sector accounts for over 90% of all businesses, provides employment for more than 85% of the workforce, and contributes over 45% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Key points for our small business clients to know

Fee Packages: Our fee packages are thoughtfully tailored for small businesses, catering to both one-person operations and those with aspirations for substantial growth.

High Levels of Service: The vast majority of our clients are small enterprises. Costs and service levels are equally crucial, and we combine them to provide small businesses exceptional value.

Comprehensive Support: Whether you require support with your annual accounts and tax obligations or guidance in elevating your business to new heights, we’re at your service and ready to assist with all your needs.

Business Assistance: Running a small business can often be a solitary endeavour. Many small business owners invest long hours and tremendous effort, which can lead to frustration. While your employees may turn to you for guidance, where do you seek advice and support? Consider us your reliable sounding board for discussions on any facet of your business. We ensure our communication is in a language you can easily connect with.

Tax Efficiency: Small business proprietors frequently find themselves paying more in taxes than necessary, often due to a lack of comprehensive awareness regarding available tax-saving opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that you retain every possible penny, paying only the essential amount of tax required.

If you’d like any or all of the following, please talk to us…

     – Fixed competitive fees

     – Unlimited free meetings

     – Work on time, every time

     – Organised paperwork

     – Unlimited phone support

     – A free tax review

    –  Reduced tax liabilities

    –  Accountancy in plain English

Next step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, would like a free consultation or a fixed fee quote.

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