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Look to RA Partners for their tax planning advice! Our team of tax experts stands ready to guide you through your tax requirements. In fact, numerous businesses spanning a wide array of sectors choose to entrust their tax responsibilities to us. Our accountants possess comprehensive knowledge when it comes to navigating tax investigations, audits, or disputes. Therefore, we can assure you that the tax planning advice we offer is of high quality, precise, and capable of resolving any issues you might encounter.

Tax Planning Advice from RA Partners

Tax Investigations
Federal Inland Revenue Service and State Internal Revenue Service will conduct a tax investigation if they are led to believe there is something wrong with the information you submitted on your tax return. For example, late in submitting the self-assessment. Depending on what you have done wrong within your tax return there are differing levels of a tax audit will be initiated.

Tax Audit
In a tax audit or investigation, one aspect is examined within the tax return submitted. However, a full enquiry encompasses a comprehensive review of the entire tax return, potentially leading Tax Authorities to request additional business records. These records pertain to the tax year in question and may include bank statements, invoices, VAT documentation, expense records, purchase invoices, and payroll documents. Should you encounter a tax audit or undergo an extensive investigation by the Tax Authorities, our accounting team’s tax planning advice will guide you through the process meticulously, step by step. Our assistance also serves as a proactive measure to prevent a recurrence of such situations in the future.

Tax Disputes
Much like an audit or investigation, a tax dispute can be a challenging experience that no business welcomes. Whether your company is currently embroiled in a dispute with the Tax Authorities, or you anticipate one, there are numerous ways we can provide assistance. We handle your dispute with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that your business emerges from the process with a positive outlook. Collectively, our team of tax specialists has dedicated significant time to resolving disputes of various kinds. We guarantee that your business remains undisturbed, and we take all necessary measures in our communication with the Tax Authorities. Regardless of the duration, we stand by your side throughout the process.

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